What side skills should a full mage choose?

Just started my next playthrough as a High Elf and I am going fully-automatic mage. Heck to the yeah. I am already going into Conjuration, Destruction, and Restoration, but 3 skills still isn't enough. I honestly hold no interest in the other schools of magic, besides Alteration, which I may consider, unless there are any other skills I could use. I was thinking about Alchemy, but I don't need poison as I don't use a weapon and you can find those potions that restore health/magic/stamina anywhere. Enchanting is sort of useless as I use no weapons and I see no point in enchanting apparel if many of the available apparel for mages already have an enchantment with it. I need help please! :\


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I would re-consider going with enchanting for a couple reasons. First, you can use it to put enchantments on found/looted weapons to sell and gain money. Second, you can enchant gear to lower your casting costs for spells. While you will find gear with these enchantments, you'll be able to get more bonus by making your own and can also place 2 enchantments on items when you reach 100. It also gives you a skill you can rapidly level if you need to. The Enchantment skill also benifits from the XP bonus granted from the Mage Stone so if you're using that you already have that bonus.

enchanting also lets you create gear for your follower...

Enchantment is THE most important skill of Skyrim no matter what class you chose.   You can improve EVERYTHING in the game much higher if you level up your enchantment skill.  I cant say enough how important enchanting is in Skyrim.   You say you can just buy what you need but keep in mind, you can enchant even better items than all the items you purchase in the stores.  Especially once your enchantment is leveled up.  And as mentioned you can enchant EVERYTHING for your follower too.

Illusion is kind of useless to level up except to get the quiet casting perk. Alteration can be very helpful since it has paralyze and stoneflesh spells to help you out with tough enemies. Enchanting is nice, but only really for enchanting items to lower the cost of something, but for the most part can help in the end. If you were to get all the perks into destruction, resto, alt, and conjuration, you would be putting a total of 60 skill points into those skills. Assuming you went to level 81, you have 20 left over, so which ones should you put them in? If you plan on using bound swords and bows, max out the very first perks in those 2 to get maximum effectiveness out of them. Now you have 10 left. Sneak can be a useful perk to level up, especially for dungeon crawling so you won't be found. Pickpocket could turn the tide of battle against opponents like bandits and the like when you take the misdirection and Perfect touch, as they will allow you to take their worn armor and weapons, and can also poison them by putting poisons in their pockets. There is no such thing as a "pure mage" character since you would be using other skills in the thief or warrior skills to help you out. If you go in spells blazing, you are most likely going to be pounded into dust then snorted.

You may want to hold off being a pure mage. Now I could be wrong but there is a problem with resistance not working correctly? something about that patch being bad. There is a post about this I think. I too want to roll a pure mage.

Resistance works perfectly fine for me.

light armor? uhmmm... you could give alchemy a shot.... maybe speech just for kicks?

Enchanting is counted as a mage skill.