What should I build on my fort in Minecraft?

So I have a world and I'm trying to decide what to build on my fort. So far I have the wall up. People are able to walk atop of the wall and there is a place beneath the wall (in between the front half and the back half) for the "guards". It's basically all wooden planks, but every tree is a smooth stone layer for support, there's a gate and some towers. I have dark woods for the corners of the towers, etc. So what should the top floor (the outing) of the wall be where the guards walk? Cobblestone?


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use whatever you want or have supplies for.

On my desert city, I used sand to form a wall all along the border of the desert and the plains to protect my city.

At Port Remington, we built from dirt, because that's what we had and the fort and wall had to go up before it got dark and the monster came out.

Figure it out yourself. Thats a major part of the game might as well have someone play the game for you to.

Maybe add some tnt cannons.

I second this motion ^

Thanks all. I plan on adding a castle later. I have only a small area though for building. (it's on peaceful)

I would look to see what someone else built on their fort, and then do exactly the same thing!

a yao ming meme face.