What should Dice do better?

1. I would really love a cover system would make this game so much better

2. The game would look so much better with Motion blur I do not know if this will be in the final game I hope so!

3. The lights in the subway tunnel  Dice said you could shoot out and make it very dark in there, well you can but it takes 4 shots to bust a light out! And some lights you can't shoot out!

4. Need to add more maps in the beta so we can test out jets/tanks etc!
I'm just listing somethings, because I'm not going to judge it an till I can play the full game! But I do really like how this game feels, btw graphics look very nice! I really hope you guys add some Motion blur it will make this game look amazing! Also would love if they let you costmise the controls! I do not like it when they don't let you setup the controls how you want!  I'm also testing the game for pc! For me I'm never ever ever ever ever ever going back to COD!

List here what you think they should add or take out to make it a better game!


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Or maybe add that you can lean in and out of cover like in AA2 for pc, Also take out K/D makes people go for kills and not Obj!

I'll be able to form a better opinion when I play the finished product. This beta is a sham and a poor representation to go by imo.

Limit snipers to three per team in Rush mode.

Nobody on the pc verison uses snipers like they do on xbox, its the cod fan boys they leave soon! After playing the beta on pc the game was met for pc!

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1. I would really love a cover system would make this game so much better[/quote]


Best cover system in a FPS ever - RSV (later copied by Quantum of Solace)