What piston creations are you most proud of?

As we all know, pistons have been out for the Xbox 360 Edition for several weeks.  In that time, I'm sure there have been some impressive piston creations that have been made.  I know some have built rotating light houses (a/k/a lag machines).  There are no doubt numerous automatic/hidden doors that have been made.  A few have probably tried their hands at elevators (difficult in this edition given the lag).  Personally, I'm far from fully understanding redstone, although I find that the image at the link below is a good starting point in understanding the logic gates that form the basis for most redstone/piston machines




Thus far, my only creations have been fairly basic: (1) a hidden sliding door that leads from the floor of my pyramid to a ladder that leads to my vault; and (2) a sand generator.  This weekend I'm going to be working on a pool at my ranch house that can be completely hidden with the flip of a switch.  Don't know if I will succeed, but it will be interesting to work on it.


What have you created?  I'd love to know.




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I'm most proud of my automatic sugar cane farm because it is my own design .

Im working on my GT popping out of a wall using pistons

I assume GT is Gamertag?  Most of the letters in your gamertag are the same, so that will help. ;)  I saw someone make a digital clock in the PC version of Minecraft using redstone and pistons.  I would love to do that, but don't have the patience, and in any event, I figure the glitchy pistons on the Xbox 360 version will distract from the accomplishment.

I wouldn't classify it as "impressive," but I am quite fond of using my piston elevator. It was just for practice but I still get a kick out of it. 

I will be building one later today to hone my skills, but I'm curious, do you find cobblestone generators any easier than mining from ground, and if so why?  I never understood the usefulness of one.

I had the same concerns with my cobblestone generator after having mined my way to bedrock and then along it for about a mile. I had so much cobblestone I was able to satisfy enough projects and a castle. Eventually it all began to run thin and the cobblestone generator did come in handy. But not before I questioned whether my "mine, mine, mine, collect, side step, mine, mine, mine, collect, side step, repeat etc. etc. etc." technique was better than just standing there holding down the right trigger and having the cobblestone just fly into my inventory.


By the time I got to the bedrock and was moving along it for that mile or so, I had become quite able in my mining ability to waste very little time in collecting the cobblestone. However, I find that the cobble stone generator helps in two ways. For starters, I never have to worry about what's on the other side. There's never going to be lava falling out at me, or a wasted moment of having to dig through dirt to find more stone after it, or even having to worry that water will pour in and drown me. Every thing I mine is cobblestone.


I've also found that lining the "mining" area of the cobblestone generator with Obsidian (and using a regular pick axe) allows me to not worry if I get too fast for the generator that I will accidently break through the floor before the next cobblestone is pushed in front of me, or that I might blow past a portion of the machine and spill lava out on myself wreaking the whole process.


Overall, never having to find locations where there is stone for my projects, and the safety concerns mentioned above make it worth my time to use. Plus I have it set up with several pistons all working in harmony to push cobblestone out rather quickly. I do hear there are faster designs than mine though and may give one of those a shot at a later time.

I made a wheat farm then when the switch is throw a wave of water flows from a hidden reservoir that will wash all the wheat to the front of my paddock for easy collection

Got a street will pop up lights but thats i for me due to my bloody hotel taking so long to build :(

Yes i was thinking about that for survival games. and yes i agree with glitchy pistons

i like the cobblestone generators.

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