What no $15 dollar digital code for pre order???

I have to ask, why buy digital?... Instead of pushing digital sales it seems to me like the push is for hard copies. This needs to be addressed as its not right.


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I think you need to explain what you're talking about more.  What $15 code?!  Who is pushing what?

Actually its pretty obvious as seen here at MS store. www.microsoftstore.com/.../productID.300181700

Well, it's 100% obvious as soon as you include the link for us to understand what it is you're referencing.

The "obvious" response would be, because they haven't enable pre-orders for digital sales yet.  (I stress the word "yet" in that sentence.)  Hopefully we'll be able to pre-order digitally soon.

My apologies Egg.  Didn't mean to confuse or be short.  This isn't the first time a deal like this was offered, same thing as TF before it first came out. My question wasn't to imply why,  as that is clear. Rather the question was more of the cuff as to ask why this is even occurring when digital is trying to be pushed. Hopefully, as you said it will happen soon as this isn't helping the mission to push digital sales at all.

could be worse you could live in the UK and not even be offered these kind of deals, if they did these deals in the UK i'd snap them up.

I'm Digital only at the moment with the xbox one

Is there any clue yet as to what the price will be for the digital copy in the UK?

Been looking everywhere, tweeted MS and Ubisoft with no response. Seen some good pre-order options for the physical boxed disk - Standard Edition £45, Special Edition £55 and these have the pre-order bonuses so I am tempted to do this but I'm sick to death of having to buy disks. The whole point of this generation was that I wouldn't have to and I've already bought 3 because the disks are cheaper than the downloads!

i hate having to keep up with disc but that Microsoft store deal sounds nice...