What Levels you get Spell books at?

Hi Again. Yes I'm lost again. ;p


I'm a Lv. 41 and I was thinking I would be able to buy the next lv of Spell books. But I can't. Can anyone help me on what Level's we get Spell books at?


I have Flames, Flame Cloak, Fire Bolt, Fireball and Fire Rune. If that Helps. I was Hoping every 20 Lv's you would get the next batch of books.


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I believe that as you increase your magic skill levels the books will become avaliable through them rather than you level in general. At least I think that's how it works.

Yeah....I don't think it happens when you reach a certain level, but is dependent on how high a level you are magically.  Once those skills....conjuration, illusion, destruction...etc. are raised high enough, new spell books will show up for sale.  

Ok Thank you. So right now, my Destruction is a 84 with Flames, Flame Cloak, Fire Bolt, Fireball, Fire Rune and all others I can get. My Illusion is a 30 and have Calm Clairvoyance, Courage, Fear, Fury and Muffle. That's 6 Books for Illusion and a Total of 15 Books for Destruction. Does that seem right?

It isn't a contest. Get the spells you use and look for others in loot. High level spells sometimes show up as random loot. I think spells for sale start to show up when you are a level lower. I got Adept Destruction spells before I was adept level and at level 55 in Destruct which is just adept I can buy expert spells but only from the Faralda and Enthir at the college. I also got master robes from Faralda. Up to Adept spells are available from court wizards, too.

0-24 = Novice.

25-49 = Apprentice.

50-74 = Adept.

75-99 = Expert.

100 = Master.


When you're at or very close to each threshold (I can't clarify one way or the other, a more practiced Mage might be able to tell you) the spells will become available for purchase.


At 90, each of the Masters at the College has as quest for you to perform. After that quest, you'll be awarded a Master spell and can buy a few more from the person who offered you the quest.


Just looking at what Bastet said though... I wonder whether only general shopkeepers and so on follow the above. Faralda is one of the Masters so I'm not surprised she'd sell higher level spells (Expert at Adept, to use the same example) and I wouldn't be surprised to see Enthir with them either.


Masters > Enthir > Court Wizards > Other Shops doesn't sound unlikely to me, since it doesn't make sense for them all to be the same.


In any case, your 84 Destruction will let you get the Destruction Master quest from.... whoever deals in Destruction at the College once you hit 90. Complete that for access to the Master spells, and the same with all other schools.

I was able to purchase Invisibility(Expert spell,) from the Illusion school of Magic at roughly 70 to 75 in skill level in the Illusion school of magic. I purchased it from the Illusion master, Nevis Deloran, I think that is his names by the way. It is pretty much how all the spell books appear from my knowledge, skill level based.