What level should I be?

Just curious... I only just beat the Taurus Demon... to give me an idea of scale, what level should I be at? I am currently Level 5... I saw posts from others saying that they had to reach Level 20 to kill him... really? Do I need to spend a lot of time "grinding" to reach higher levels? or do I progress through the game and level as I go?



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you can progress through the level and get souls as you go. But the thing with doing that, your constantly walking into new areas fighting new enemies and possibly dieing, thus lossing your souls. Without souls, you can't level up at bon fires.


So some people rather stay in one area and get their souls that way since they know where the enemies are, and how to defeat them. Myself included does this as its a safer means of leveling up.

I dont think the taurus demon is that tough.  I killed him on first attempt before levelling at all.

Yeah.... Wait for the Capra Demon.  LMAO!

Yeah.  I progressed through the game fairly easily up to a point, and you should be fine as long as you can upgrade weapons/armor/spells or whatever you use.

And being human will help a lot since you'll be able to summon other players to help you out.

But grinding for a bit to claim extra souls is a good idea once you are use to an area and can safely take out th enemies

It depends, Im level 10 or so, and I just beat the Taurus demon.  As someone said, many will stay in one place for a while, gaining souls, and getting equipment, and will level up like that.  

Yeah it's a good idea as the mobs don't seem to level with you.  I've started to buy shards now to upgrade my armour and shield too.

is there a level cap?  I got lost after ringing the first bell and am now level 30, just got to the lower undead burg.

The level cap is like level 750 or something. Its wayyyyy up there. It takes something like 110 million souls to level it up from 749 to 750 as well.

Im definitely doing that lol.