What kind of TV should I buy for Xbox 360

Basic what inch screen, 720 or 1080 and HZ.


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Im pretty sure Xbox 360 games render at best 720p.

Get the biggest freaking tv you can afford. Like 98' movie theatre size.

It all depends on budget. There is no reason to get a 720p if you can afford to get a 1080p tv. If you can afford to get a 1080p tv then why not? If you get bluray players or other HD devices, they could take advantage of the resolution. Some xbox games are 1080p, so the additional resolution won't go to waste with the 360 either.

I would say 37' 1080p tv is good. Some people will say go bigger and others will say to go smaller if it sports a better picture. Go to you local electronic shops and browse their tvs. Sometimes the blacks look gray and things like that. Picture quality is also important.

I play on a 22" 720p LCD and I use my 50" plasma for tv/movies.

Get what you can afford and where it'll fit.  1080p.  Personally, I play on a 73" TV and would change it. 

Better of with a 1080p Display, it will be better for the long run. Make sure the TV is a suitable size for you and it runs at 60 HZ. Also go for a good/trusted TV brand such as LG or Samsung and not a cheap one, you get what you pay for.

All you NEED for Xbox 360 is a widescreen HDTV.

After that, it's just whatever you want.  Competitive gaming requires a smaller TV, but if you're just in it for the enjoyment then anything goes.

Interesting. Why does a smaller tv make gaming more competitive?

[quote user="Blu Renegade"]Interesting. Why does a smaller tv make gaming more competitive?

[/quote]I guessing because with a smaller TV, you can see things on either side of the screen faster, than on a bigger one.  That's what someone said in another thread a few months ago.

It all depends really on budget. I have a 32 inch 1080p TV, I like it.  Just the right size for me. :)
Though I do mostly play offline. 

I own a 60" samsung led-LCD tv, 1080p, 120mhz (2010 model) and it is an awesome looking TV but it's too big when I want to play MP games like COD.  For me, it just takes too long to process whats going on.  I also own a 32" Sony 3D, LED 240mhz, 1080p (2011 model). Pricey for the size but comes w.all the bells & whistles.  I pretty much play all my shooters on the smaller TV & everything else on the 60".