What kind of team player are you?

- Are you talkative?

- Quiet?

- Annoying?

- Can you hold your own?

- Do you teabag?


(It's ok, I won't judge)


I'm kind of a quiet and talkative person and I help the team when necessary. I do admit, I sometimes steal kills but rarely on purpose. If you're dying I'm just trying to keep you alive. I can play about anything though I'm best at SWAT. I can hold my own at times and stay alive if necessary. I don't teabag unless someone does it to me or REALLY pisses me off.


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Very talkative.

Potentially quite annoying.

I hold my own.

I have nothing against it but I don't aggressively do it myself.


I could be annoying as my language is nice and child-suitable and I can get annoyed at someone who does something I consider stupid.

- Talkative if there are people worth talking to. Otherwise, I keep my mic unplugged.

- Not annoying most of the time. I will occasionally rage really bad if I'm on a bad game streak, which can get pretty annoying to others. But I'm usually not like that.

- I can definitely hold my own against most players that I'm matched with. If you're in a party and I'm the 1 random on the team, you don't have to worry about me being a liability.

- I have specific terms for doing it. If I just beat you in a battle where my chances of winning were 1 in a million, then celebratory crouching will be commenced. I do it sparingly, and I'm not one of those idiots who does it after they kill you by shooting you with a rocket launcher, or camping with the Shotty.