What kind of interesting gun setups have you found?

I'd like to try some new gun set ups....I think select fire is the game changer that needs to be figured out.  I wouldn't mind trying something crazy like an LMG with impact/rapid fire/laser sight.  What kind of weird combos have you found that actually work? 


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SMGs with any attachment. I havent really used anything else, it fits my play style.

not really interesting but I put a red dot, grip, and long barrel on my pdw. Turns that thing into an assault rifle pretty much

KSG - Red dot, adjustable stock, long barrel....One hit kills from 50 feet.  Treat it more like an acog sniper.


M27 (trying the swat but don't like it so far... sad because I like the famas or m16 in mw2)  with finder scope.  Use it to "snipe ".  Pretty fun.


I have a type25 with a finder and use the select fire for the same reasons too, otherwise recoil makes a mess of things (50;50 with that gun. It either recoils a lot, or not at all) .

It is not that interesting.... But one set-up I like to use just to mess around is this:


Primary: Nothing

Secondary: Your favorite pistol. ( I go back and forth between the KAP-40 and B23Z)

Wild Cards: Perk 1, 2, 3 Greed

Perk 1: Ghost + Blind Eye

Perk 2: Cold Blooded+ Scavenger

Perk 3: Tactical Mask+ Dexterity

Lethal: Nothing

Tactical: Nothing