What Kind Of Game Would The CoD Series Be Without Three-Burst Or Single Shot **** Rifles ?

In my opinion it would be quite boring,


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The same as it is just with no use for modded controllers.


I love those guns, and it feels so cheap when I spray with a automatic.

who knows. the devs keep putting burst weapons in the game for retarded people.

It doesn't matter what weapons the Call of Duty series has in it, someone is going to complain about them at one time or another. 


There are alot of weapons through out the series that I do not like so I just don't use them. No need to complain about them either. 

I never use them anyways....I just burst fire my ACR or CM901...

That would be like if someone filed a against another person that has a fast trigger finger instead of a modded controller.

Every automatic assault rifle in this game is the same. Every SMG is the same. Every sniper is the same.


The only thing that differs - due to lag, I'm guessing - are the shotguns, and Type 95/M16.