What Just Happend :S

I completed the game eariler, saved and exited the game went back on, they asked me to go on Vault Hunter mode or normal, I choose normal, then I had lost all my perks that I chose but I had 31 skill spoints to rank up with :S


How to I load it up whereI can continue with the side missions but have my perk tree the way it used to be?


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This has been happening to me, it seems to happen when you switch between normal mode or vault hunter mode. You just gotta put all your points back in. If you want to change between modes go to the games menu and push Y to pick your character. Pick the character you want and it will ask "Would you like to play vault hunter modeor normal mode" and you pick. It will leave you off at the last mission you did for either of them.

What is vault hunter mode?

True Vault Hunter Mode or Vault Hunter mode is unlocked when you beat Playthrough 1 with your character. It is Playthrough 2. When you beat True Vault Hunter Mode it becomes Playthrough 2.5, were everything is scaled from lvl 48/49 to 53.

So what do I choose if I want to continue with my first playthrough so I can beat all the side missions?

Normal Mode (Playthrough 1), True Vault Hunter Mode (Playthrough 2). Meaning you want Normal Mode.

I think I've got it now, so when I want to start the main story again I choose vault hunter mode, this will keep me at my current level and I will start playing the game through again like you do on mass effect 3, Dead Island etc with the enemies also at the same level as the end of playthrough 1?

Yea, they will be in there 30s, and when you beat Playthrough 2, it will go to playthrough 2.5 were every enemy is scaled to lvl 48/49 to 53.

I'm at level 35 now, so if I restart, at lets say 41, every enemy will be there or there abouts that level too?


Thanks for the help so far Dragonborn ;)