What is your speed?

So in all honesty what is your download and upload?

Here is mine as of right now. [Removed by Moderator]

I am a Uk gamer and my provider is BT...


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Oh God. Don't remind me.

My Internet plan is 1.5mbps.

AT&T is evil and doesn't offer anything higher for my neighborhood.

I'll be switching to Time Warner Cable for 30mbps very soon.

And I'm sorry, but...your Internet is terrible. :(

.43 down and .39 up?

AND you play Halo and COD? You must rage hard when lag hits.

Placing links is considered advertisement. Expect to have it removed.

I'll have to correct you there APulseOfDubstep,

The forum rules state that "posting links to store fronts or other commercial websites" is a violation. The link he posted is not leading to any store front or other commercial website.


My download speed is 20.46 Mbps and my Upload speed is 5.83 Mbps. It's not that great, but it's enough for me =)



31 dl