What is your Knife only set up?



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no weapons or equipement


agility - marathon - resilliance - dead silence - ingognito - blind eye


  I tinker around with it a bit, but thats the best one I've come up with.


   I was hoping the perk that lets you use equipement faster would speed up pulling the knife out afterwards, but it doesnt


    I sometimes also swap out a perk for a 9 bang..

Getting stuck inside people when guns are so powerful is game changing for knife only.  My first few games were rough with out marathon and agility.  I bet guys like onlyusemeblade are hating on this game hard lol.

  I dont think it would be so bad if it wasnt for the darn dog.

   I do think its the most fun I've had running a knife since the cp marker glitch in mw2.   Most of the maps are great for it ..... the ones that arent, maybe I just need to learn them better.

  If its your thing, try out blitz. You'll do great with a speed/stealth/knife setup

This just popped into my head....Buy a handgun with tac knife.  I don't think those stick inside people.

  I'll have to give that a try. But does that count as 2 points?

   Even if it does I reckon there are maps I can give up a perk.

I think it's only one point for a secondary.  The first attachment is free....Huge storm with a tornado is heading towards Chicago right now.  I unplugged all my goodies for when the power surges.

Yeah , its one point. I forgot I equipped a tac nade.


    Its definitely faster, I'm not 100% sure it has the same range though. No delay at all .... i just dont know if its as much fun. I never really liked the animation. But no doubt its more effective.


    I just had an awesome match. Started wwith the tac knife and switched back to my earlier setup when the enemy called in an ssr. But I wound up going 17/6 with 14 caps on blitz/whiteout.


   some of those kills were from my dog and sentry, but I earned my maniac that I've been wanting so badly. I was a bit let down. Its not all that much better than the classes I've been running, except I could take a few hits .