what is your favorite/best **** rifle set up?

1. primary weapon








9.strike package


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Grip/AP rounds

None but if used- red dot (denny)




Sleight of hand/ blast shield/dead silence/ amplify/ extra tac


AK12, no camo, silencer/grip, none, none, none, none, usual perks are Marathon/Focus/Dead Silence/Ready Up/Hardline, SAT COM/Vests/Squad Member or Air Superiority. For Dom of course.

I mainly play SnR.

  1. AK-12
  2. None
  3. Grip & Silencer
  4. None
  5. None
  6. None
  7. None
  8. Marathon, Agility, Dead Silence, Focus, Ready up, last 2 point perk varies.
  9. Support: Sat Com - Vest - Squadmate

^^Hey, you copied me, LOL.

1 - honey badger

2 - not bothered 

3 - grip armour piercing 

4 - iron sights

5 - none 

6 - none 

7- none

8 - ready up SoH amplify  focus hardline fully loaded

9 - sat com   dog   or  I M S   sentry gun 
      vests squad member oracle depends on whichever challenges are available

Honey Badger

Space Cats

Grip and Extended mags





Ready up, Blind eye, Dead silence, SitRep, Extra Lethal

Assault: Guard Dog, Sentry Gun, Gryphon

I am great with all of them and prefer the woodland green camo to stay hidden. Seriously I'm a beast with every ar.

Grip. Silencer.

Ready up. Quick draw. Off the grid. Focus.

Mut. Rockets. Choppa.

AK with VMR sight & silencer.

No skin

No secondary but I'll look for an SMG to pick up.

Either I.E.D or a 9 bang but never both and sometimes neither.

Always have Quickdraw & Agility, most always have Ready Up, and use 2 of either Marathon, SoH or Dead Silence. For Kill Confirmed I'd go with Dead Silence & Marathon, Deathmatch I'd drop Marathon for SoH and for Domination I'd drop Dead Silence.  For Dom would also lose Ready up and equip a tac or lethal.




and more beer

  • Remington R5
  • Gold / Space Cats
  • VMR + Silencer
  • Blue Dot
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • Marathon / Amplify / Quickdraw / Dead Silence / Blast Shield
  • Ballistic Vests / Squadmate / Oracle

I usually play S&R and this is my main set up for an AR, if I decided I want to play KC or TDM (Hardcore) I usually switch Amplify for Scavenger.


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