What is your favorite workout?

It is nice to finally see an Xbox Fitness forum!

Now as the subject title says, what is your favorite workout(s) out of Xbox Fitness?

  • Why is it your favorite?
  • Do you tend to score higher FP (FitnessPoints) compared to the rest of your age group?

Well, I have to say that Mossa's Fight workout 1 is one of my top favorites as I do enjoy the cardio and MMA style training and that while working out they show you three ways that the exercises can be performed.


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I'm waiting for more of the P90X stuff to show up, like Ab Ripper X

Insanity was the hardest workout, although not sure about favourite lol. I would have to agree with  Mossa fight 1,as an group exercise instructor it was quite comfortable.  I have reviewed a lot of the workouts on my site below.

Can anybody recommend a couple of workouts for me? I cant do exercises that involve me getting on the floor due to the space i have to work with i can only do workout that maybethat  have me run in circles or running in place, left and right or anything with arms.

The Mossa cardio workout is awesome and the cute blonde (name?) has several 10 minute workouts that are good.

Can we get some stretching and yoga routines please??

MOSSA fight is my favorite. I really like the P90X shoulders & arms too. The rest of the MOSSA, P90X, and Insanity ones come a close 3rd. A lot of the other ones i feel (and look) silly doing. I'm too uncoordinated and they switch movements so often I get lost. However, others in the house like the Beachbody HIIT. Hope there is more like the MOSSA and P90X, though. Much easier to follow. Cant wait to see more and how it expands and evolves. Xbox has a real good thing going with this. The whole family loves it!

Mossa .......all of them. The weight training is my fav

Core Cardio and Resistance is definitely one of my favorites from Insanity, wish I could use my T25 DVDs in the Fitness setup. The Fitness points really add a degree of success I haven't had before.

I've used the Mossa ones quite a bit. I hope they add some more! I'd happily pay for more (even more happily do them for free).

i have the insanity dvds but love the fitness app to go along with it...more motivation for me on days that im struggling. it would be great if they would do the full programs on the fitness app... I haven't seen any discussions about anyone trying the Brazilian butt lift workout, but i have completed the one workout available and i was sore for 2 days and yes i know it is more for women than men but i challenge men to try it at least one time.... :) it seems really korny at first but just try it

Personally, I feel the Xbox fitness program is one of the things that really makes this system stand out from the other systems. I'm a single dad and rarely have any time to get out, so being able to have a workout routine while the kids sleep is great thing for me.

I've established this routine that I'm currently going through: in a given week I game with friends Monday night, Tuesday night I do the Mossa Fight Workout 1, Wednesday night is Mossa Fight Workout 2, Thursday night is gaming with friends, Friday night is Mossa Fight Workout 1, and both evenings on the weekend is the six-pack abs boot camp workout routine. I'm thinking next month I might purchase the Jillian Michaels 30 day workout system and see how that turns out.

I do have to say my favorite workout is the Mossa Fight Workout 1. I feel encouraged the most through that workout and it always pushes me harder each time I do the routine. Earlier this week I finally hit my goal of breaking the 100K FP mark in one session, to which I really had to push myself at the end there to reach it. I doubted I would ever hit that again ... but I surpassed the 101K FP mark tonight! Whatever Mossa and the Xbox team is doing with these workouts, its working.

So if by any chance the Xbox team or the Mossa team is reading this, thank you for offering this on your system. I know a lot of people appreciate the work you put into the programs in Xbox Fitness, but I want to especially say how grateful I am to have this available to me. And don't let the negativity of the so-called "gamer" lessen your effort or resolve into making the Xbox Fitness program the best it can be. I've been gaming with friends for a lot of years now, and as a "gamer", I totally understand how the Xbox One can be a system for the hardcore gamer, AND, still be able to have a solid program like Xbox Fitness.

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