What is your favorite class setup?

What is your favorite class setup for TDM?

Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Attachment/s, Perks and Killstreaks?


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My fav has to be engineer equipped with AT mines, AK74u with silencer and the stinger is good for taking down enemy planes/choppers but only if they noob and don't yet know how to dump flares.

I'm starting to love the Type 95 with a red dot and kick.  I've also been using the Support package since the game is so new and I haven't had a chance to learn all of the maps and really try to get long killstreaks.  

Mp5 with extended mags/kick


Because I like going negative playing ump users.

So far my favorite in the M4 silenced/red dot. I switch between assault and support. I find no use for the specialist strike package when I tried it last night.

Guns: Scar-L Silenced with Kick, FM69.

Perks: Sleight of Hand, Quickdraw and Stalker.

Killstreak setup: UAV, Booby trap care package(forgot what it's called) and Advanced UAV.

Oh and can't forget about the deathstreak. I think it's juiced? It's the only one I have for now.

Type 95 w/ Rapid Fire


SoH Pro, Quickdraw Pro, Steady Aim

UAV, Predator Missile, Attack Helicopter

Barrett 50. SoH pro, QuickDraw Pro and Stalker, forgot the machine pistol but basically it's like using an smg class with a sniper. I love it now