What is your best game or best set of victories?

My friend and I just had the longest winning streak EVER in our lives.   We were playing this yesterday with a mix of hardpoint and attrition. We were simply unstoppable and playing against a wide variety of enemies.
We won 33 games in a row!!!!!! 

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i dont know. i know i lose a lot but the game is great!

not sure about streaks, this morning I had:

9 Pilot kills

2 Titans

33 Grunts

0 deaths

and I made the ship because we lost.

first time I haven't died, and only second time making the ship. my heart was racing :P


i had 20 pilot kills 3 titans and 30 plus grunts the other night!

i was riding zip lines and caught a couple of surprise lucky EVA kills this morning. I'm just over 50% on wins, but I really don't pay attention to the win streaks. Titanfall's still fun even when you're getting stomped.

Well, a fun game I had last week on Attrition where both teams were at 299 points and I was shouting into my mic: "One point! Can anyone get one point?!" and then I turned around and there was a Militia Grunt and I just shrugged my shoulders and shot him to win the game for the team.

I found it funny because it was so anti climactic.


This game seems rigged, if it wasn't for the constant action id be flamin all thew forums. I can go on a slaughter fest, taking people out left and right, end game, says  I got 5 kills????????????   but top 3 in score

Tracking winning streaks means absolutely nothing in a game that can throw you into a match of Attrition where the score is like 250 to 120.  

I also don't like counting wins because it's not uncommon for me to get thrown on a team of people that have no idea what they're doing.  It's frustrating to be one of the top 3 players in the lobby and get crushed because of my team.  The flip side of that is true too... when I get on a competent team we tend to stay together for quite a few matches and steamroll.

couldn't tell you my best game for sure, but it would be in the neighborhood of 15 pilot kills, 6 titan kills and like 40 AI kills.  To me any game where you have 10+ pilot kills and 4+ titan kills is a good game.