WHAT is with ALL the save files??

The other day I was clearing out some memory & I noticed I had 57 save files for MW3 and over 50 of them were "replay save file." I deleted everything but the regular game save & the installed game and in doing so, I apparently knocked myself from level 32 back to level 1 in Spec Ops (which made me oh so happy). I haven't even played the game since then & today I load the game up, but it was so framey, I returned to the dashboard & looked at my memory & there were 2 more "replay save file(s)."


What in the world is this & how do I stop it?


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I was thinking about the theater mode included in the game. When in MP you will see the camera symbol with "enabled" next to it. I was afraid that this would use your systems memory and it looks like it does according to your story. You have to go into one of the settings menu to disable it. I forget specifically where but try that out and see if there are any more replay saves on your HDD.

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That being said, I read your title and heard it in my head as Jerry Seinfeld's voice.  This made me smile.

Yeah, I was confused when I saw 30 saved files on my USB.