what is up with railyard survival?

Had this happen twice.  Play a game of Railyard survival, but during wave 3, it suddenly says Survival failed and I am returned to free roam.  Then I get a message that I quit a match before finishing and will become a bad sport if I do it more.  Nobody had died, no reason we should fail.  Dont get it.  I am in the yard shooting enemies.  It occasionally pops up a yellow waypoint saying we need to head to the shootout even though we are in the yard fighting enemies.

This only started happening since the 1.04 update, is this a glitch?  Sucks, I have to avoid this survival map or it will dump the bad sport rank on me even though it is the game messing up.


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I had this with boneyard. In that map was a roof that everyone would sit on to complete it easy but since the update when anyone sits on it they get kicked and fail the map. We too would see the waypoint. Maybe you need to be in range of it. Or maybe I guess you were in a place people may have used to complete it easy. If not dude then I ain't got a clue.

Thanks, who knows.  I wasnt in a easy spot, I was running around the yard.  I will try staying in front of the yard.