What is the wooden magical mask for?

What the heck is it supposed to do when you put it on?


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Put it on in the room you find it in, you'll see.

I did and all I found was an empty chest. Is it some kind of joke in skyrim?

When you collect all the mask, use the wood mask to enter the secret room and get the last mask.

Suffice to say there's another 8 (well, 9) masks to be found (you'll have to pry it off of the owners corpse, however). When you've found them all, take them back to the location you found the wooden mask, put it on (the wooden mask) and place the other masks on the altar. Once all 8 are placed you'll get a nice reward.


You can find the locations of the other masks here on the Elder Scrolls Wiki. Don't click on the link if you'd rather find them yourself of course.

Oh okay thank you. I didnt know their were other masks.