What is the halfway point in the story? "spoiler"

just curious on how much I have left....I'm fighting Slate's men at the moment going after the Shock Jockey in Hall of Heros....thanks!!


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The game takes a good 12-16 hours if you spend the time searching around. Shorter or longer depending on difficulty and skill but fun none the less

I'm taking my time with this game looking everywhere I can....I still have quite a bit to go to beat it

Yes, I too search everywhere.  It is nice that if you have searched something it will let you know that you already have.  I used to rush through games but lately I have taken them slow and steady.  One thing for sure, this game can be trippy as hell.

Yep, the Hall of Heroes is great, actually everywhere I have been so far is great. No complaints here yet, and I have a feeling I still have a whole lot game left to play!

im at the chapter right after that one. and i have logged quite a bit of time. i feel this will be a fairly lengthy game for me, ive been content trying to explore every inch that i can. like above said the game is beautiful. just taking in the scenery is time consuming. especially when your going through the hall of heroes ( i think thats what its called)

^^Honestly, people who say its short probably bought it at midnight and rushed through the main story without paying much attention to their surroundings. I've found myself spending 5 minutes just looking at everything in ONE room in a building. There's so much little things to see and notice, and if you take your time and appreciate everything instead of just rushing through the game can probably last 2x the amount that the "this game is short" people say it does.

great!! I heard the game was kinda short soooo thats great news to me that I hardly put a dent in it

I'm at the same point OP, glad I wasn't spoiled by reading :P.

I an slightly ahead of you, each secret achievement is another place to go and there are 6 left, we have only just started.