What is the DLC progress meter?

I don't remember exactly where it's found... somewhere in the screens where you check your progress. The last meter says "DLC" and mine is 50% complete. What the hell does this mean?


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Oh, and thanks a lot, Ubisoft, for making half the Alpha gear unlocked by an iphone app. Yeah, cause everyone has one. [Mod Removed]

Just checked again... it's in the ShadowNet progress tab. Anyone know what it means?

I think it's for Dead Coast and Billionaire's Yacht.

I got 50% for dead coast so......And I agree with the Alpha stuff I'm never going to be able to unlock I own nothing that can play the app.

At one point it was supposed to be available for androids. Yeah that's right, make stuff in the game unlock able with an app that cant be played on multiple devices because we all own I phones.

At the very least it should be available on Ubi's web site as a flash game.

That would make sense. I have and have completed Dead Coast... didn't even know what Billionaire's Yacht was til I found it in the leaderboards and looked it up.