what is the best way to kill Mastiffs?

they are so hard to kill. in file R-O2 i had a hard time killing the 3 mastiffs in this one part. i could not kill them unless it was a stealth kill. i had to redo this part over and over until i manged to kill all 3 with stealth kills. if one saw me, i would get beat. i am sure there will be more of these mastiffs in later levels. what is the best and/or easiest way to kill them?


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What are the mastiffs I'm no good with the names of the things on this game.

the things that look like robot gorillas. you get the sliverback achievement for killing them. i have a hard time killing them. i am hoping there is a easy way to kill them.

Has anyone tried blade mode

ninja kill is the easiest way to make them easy, imo.


I doubt electro magnetic grenades, or the sai unique weapon (purple charge) would be very good for them either.


ripper mode would also work as well.


blade mode is fine, but you have to smash their armor first.


I imagine you could perfect parry them into zandatsu. biggest things to avoid are their "pouncing" or "yellow charge" attacks.