What is going on?

Everytime I try to reply to someones post, I click reply and it disappears.

INB4 wrong forum.


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...just one of the many "improvements" in the new forums I guess

Alot of ppl can't even get in to these "improoved" forums

Same thing happen to me i had to switch to Browser to google chrome

Yeah I am occasionally getting a 400 bad request error on Firefox 5. I have to clear my xbox.com cookies to get rid of it.  

I copy everything before i post it now.

I don't think that firefox likes these forums much either. I constantly get an error now.

Clear you browser cache and you should be fine.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

I still haven't figured out how to quote people.... care to help?

Hit reply under the person you want to qoute, you will see an option to use rich formatting, and once you enter that mode you will see the qoute option.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360