What is going on with the servers?

i've been getting kicked out of games all night! right after voting during the black screen while waiting for the game to start, it says its looking for a new host then then right after that i'm the only one left! i just got suspended for quitting because the game keeps kicking me out. i have no problem logging into games like halo wars or gears two...so can some PLEASE explain to me what the hell is going on?


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nah all of my games are installed to hard drive. as in i got them from market place. it was working fine up until a week ago when i started noticing i was getting dropped from games. it was one game once in awhile and then last night boom. all of my games dropped me. i had no problem with my internet last night with my computer or playing any other game on my hard drive. it was just the halo reach one. i think i will re download it and recover my gamertag just in case both of them are corrupt

I've been having the same problem, just started today. I haven't tried any other games...

I didn't read any of the above posts, but I saw Albino Rat posted here, and I just wanted to say "Hi Albino!". Haven't seen you here in a while!

2 suggestions

(A) Your internet / ISP are messing up. You can do some speed tests.

(B) Your Disc drive is on the way out.

I would be inclined to go for (B) due to the thread you started about getting map load failures and the fact the disc drives are not of the greatest quality. In that thread you mentioned you had 4 load failures in a row which is excessive.

If you fail to load a map then it boots you back to lobby on your own if you are the one with the load issue. It tends to take a max of 4 load fails on one voting session before booting you but typically no more than 3.

TBH a few people have mentioned map failures and blame it on people modding / affecting the course of the voting system to get what they want. In over 5000 games I have yet to see that happening. Yes I've seen load failure plenty of times but not once has it seemed like someone was using it to go for something. Either the faulty 360 player gets booted which is obvious or something gets voted for that everyone wanted anyway but still fails.

Hate to be a pessimist but it sounds a lot like a disc drive on the way out.

Are you installed to harddrive? If so then it could be something corrupt somewhere so it might be worth reinstalling it to your harddrive again.

NOTE:- Just because other games work fine doesn't mean your disc drive is fine. I know from the experience of 6 repairs / replacements (5 for drives) and I would get disc problems with my least scratched / newest games.

PS Sorry for layout in advance.

How do ; )

Albino Rat it is possible to cheat votes with a USB device but only with one set of the downloaded maps.


One set of DLC maps will only play installed to the HDD but the other set will play installed to the USB. If you take the USB out while the DLC map is loading it will force a new vote. If you try and play with the other DLC maps installed on USB it will just restart the vote due to a problem with loading the maps from USB.


Because of this it is actually a problem telling if someone has a map on USB or if they are pulling the plug on a map to get a new vote.


If it works in any other manner I am not aware of it. That's my experience with the maps via USB having taken them up to my friends before on a USB stick to play. I haven't ever pulled the plug, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out what would happen if you did (plus if I did that it would sign me out as my profile's on my USB too).

Just my 2 cents.

I thought it was worth mentioning the "cheat" that people bring up as I think there is no foundation for it from my experience.

I've only once seen mentioned a theory on a possible way to cheat the voting system. That was from the other thread you created and someone mentioning USB storage devices. Could be true but highly unlikely from what I've seen. Doing some searches and there are still no videos / guides etc that you would expect if this was a known cheat.

Possibly just connectivity in your area then.

By that I mean Xbox live in your area. I've had some friends with problems that seem to be related to Xbox live in their area tied with their ISP for a short period of time (week - month). Some have had it specifically in Reach. Some just overall with Xbox live.

I've had issues of late but Im am pretty confident it's my ISP causing my issues. Cant recommend BT (UK) to anyone TBH

Perhaps.... certain game servers + ISP conflicts + Xbox live confilcts (which seems to be regional at certain times) are causing the problem.

It's still worth doing a speed check etc. Web browsing at times is a lot less intensive than actual gaming connections and more so when chat is involved asthats even more bandwidth intensive.

Are you with Verizon and  / or Comcast? I'm always on the forums although I've only submitted a handful of posts since the "refurb". There seemed to be a common theme that these 2 ISP's in the States had live connectivity issues, particularly in the South East (Flordia etc) although you're at the opposite end of the country.

Anyway. Good luck. Hopefully it'll just "clear up"

[quote user="Albino Rat"]

Cool. Thanks for the info.


If you find this happens alot when playing on normal maps there's a very likely chance your disc is damaged or your HDD file is corrupted.


So trying another disc or reinstalling certainly would not hurt to try and eliminate the cause of the problem. I always thought it was someone else until I learned that one of the DLC packs couldn't stream from USB.

Cool. Thanks for the info.

I have the new maps but rarely play on them TBH.

So almost all my games have been from the normal maps where it seems this trick wouldn't work then.

As I said. In the cases of map failures I see, there's never any evidence of "dodgyness" other than a person having a legit map fail which usually results in them being lagged back to lobby.

Since I first read about "people glitching the vote" from someone in the old forums I have been keeping a special eye out for goings on in the voting menu when failures happen. Not found anything dodgy.

One of the first people to suggest it that I saw was someone who was a regular cheater thread poster and they had some great video evidence showing just how ignorant they were.

One of the problems with live today is people throwing around cheater claims w1lly nilly. It's become almost fashionable and it seems the more impressionable people latch onto it throwing around terms like "lag switcher" or "modder" etc when they have absolutely no clue. That's not people who say it in a joking manner but straight up frustration and their ignorance.

I can handle myself in most games and even I get msgs accusing cheater from time to time. If people knew how staunchly anti cheating I am then they would know how ridiculous their msgs are. Lol

I am having the same issued it has been kicking me out of almost all the games I play online EOS and For Honor I would like to know what is going to be done about it we all pay good money to play on here and its not like We get it for free this is why I am thinking about going to the PS4 come on Microsoft 

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