I'm going off EA very quickly due to the fact they make us pay extra for online passes but yet people can still cheat,.. i want to know whats been done about it


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Annoying isnt it. I dont think Xbox (microsoft) are doing anything about it as they would probably say it's down to EA to fix this problem.

EA however are banning people which I know for a fact, and when they ban you they ban you from ALL EA games and not just Fifa.

I believe for Fifa 13 they have found a way to combat hacked pro's although I dont know how.

I would say when you see someone with a hacked pro, report them!! If everybody report's them then it WILL get noticed by EA and like I said people do get banned.

@OP -- No one is making you buy anything.

@metalmikky -- It is most definitely an EA issue.  Xbox/MS really can't do anything about it, as for fixing the actual issue... they can ban people from xbox Live however.  (I am unsure if they are doing this.)

At least make it so you can see the persons VP rating like in FIFA 11. So you can leave the lobby before you play the match. That way we can avoid those hacked players. But it is hilarious when you beat a team with a hacked VP.


This is a EA thing. They normally ban your gamertag from playing EA games.  

Load of shite.

When you report on  Xbox Live, it goes no where near EA sports.

You have to take a photo and send it to EA as evidence, EA can get stuffed if they think we are going to fix their problems for them when they don't give a *** about anything but your money.


Fix it in Fifa 13 Pffffffftttttttttttt, they said that in Fifa 11.

@Bam, best way to get your message across to EA that is unacceptable:  Do what I'm doing.  Don't buy Fifa 13.

@Eggnogga i've already come to that conclusion long ago mate

M$ doesn't give a damn, as long as your online they get their money doesn't matter if your a piece de m e rde or not they will take your money and let you online....

It's not that "MS doesn't give a damn."  It's:  What can they actually do about it???  It's an EA game, so it's not like MS can go in and fix lines of gaming code for a game they own ZERO rights to.  The game is played on EA servers.  This is EA's responsibility, just as fixing all those crappy Call of Duty games is Infinity Ward/Treyarch's responsibility.  Sorry, but these developers don't care about fixing past titles, they are too busy making the next year's version of the exact same game.

Team Dream x are nothing but statted up pros. Bunch of 5 year olds who believe that they are better than anyone else. Had the misfortune to play against them the other day.

I'm pretty sure they ban every month. Nothing to worry about. Also I'm sure since they know that you get banned they don't do it. Except for some who have no idea you get banned. Their time will come however...