What is and how do I Attune spells?

I've got fireball and a sorcerer's wand,  intelligence at 12 - what next as a pyromancer? how do i improve on the magic stuff?


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You attune your spells at a bonfire.  Attuning is just selecting which spells you want to be able to cycle through.  You'll likely acquire more spells than you can "equip"/memorize(to use old dnd terminology) at a time.

Thanks. I should've elaborated a bit.... I've tried to attune spells at the bonfire, I only have 2, but i can't change anything on them. maybe i need more spells or higher intelligence. i'd like to see a vid or read how to do it.

Ok, I reread your post..sorry.  I made the mistake of answering the post title instead of post question...

awesome...i was about to post the same question...i am alos a pyro mancer and have a catalyst and bought the soul arrows...but couldnt figure out how to equip it. i was getting pissed because i have the right levels and i have an empty spell slot.  now i know i have to do it at the bonfire . thanks!

Looks like I've attuned my only 2 spells. I was hoping I could make them more powerful tho. I'm on the roof trying to take on the 2 dragons in order to ring the bell. I might have to grind a bit longer to get my level up (currently 19) to get in intelligence up. I'm not a regular RPG player so this hard core game is a bit difficult, but a lot of fun all the same.

I think the only thing you can do to increase spell power is to get a better catalyst or put points into INT.  I don't think your pyromancy spells are affected, but soul arrow should be.  

With that said, how the heck would you increase pyromancy spell powers?  Anyone?  

Have you gotten the humanity drop from the corpse barrel?  If so summon the knight and it should be a cakewalk.  I beat them at lvl 19 myself this morning.  Of course I did have a nice +2 knight shield(drop from elite guard) and a +3 longsword.  Using a wanderer so not much strength or vitality.