What in the world???

How come every time the enemy gets EMP'd the my screen goes white for a few seconds? This has gotten me killed multiple times.


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This is something that gets on my nerves, I've died countless times due to this also.

I don't die much to it, but even one death due to friendly EMP is annoying and the simple visual effect is hardly pleasant to look at.

Because an EMP is the result of a nuclear blast which tends to be really bright? I'm still wondering how they could fit all that required stuff on a granade...

I don't get killed by it a lot, I just think it's bad when your playing at 2:00am and then you get blinded. .-.

^^ That's the worst, I agree. It doesn't help that I've been having insomnia these past couple days. Damn spring break.. I'm gonna miss it, but I'm ready to get more sleep now.


Other than that though, the EMP doesn't bother me that much. It's just another useless killstreak that can easily be countered by using Assassin.

I absolutely hate it, so disorienting. I get killed a lot while fried by friendly EMP.