What if......Siege of Madrigal wasn't in Halo 4, 5, 6?.......

.......I'd flip. That song has been in every Halo game (except Wars) after CE; it was original from Myth (another game by Bungie).


I realize the song is kinda Bungie's song....but I think it would be a wonderful idea of 343i included it in the next Halo games as a 'tribute' to Bungie. :( 


You can listen to the song here: Siege of Madrigal


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I highly doubt it will be included. I'd assume 343 wants to start implementing their own little easter eggs.

Well I mean, don't you think it'd be a good idea to implement it into the game as a tribute to the original creator of the game? It's such a sad song and a good one too.

With it being cool and I want that to happen so badly, I doubt 343 would do that. You know, since no more Bungie being with Halo.

I have played every halo game over & over & over again... except for Halo Wars which I will probably play soon....  And I can't say I remember that song in the game.. Must be in the credits where I don't really pay much attention. . .  


When I think of Halo music, the main theme pops in my head.. The orchestra song.. That song always brings a smile to my face when I hear it.  When the videos were released to show off Halo 2 and then Halo 3 before the games came out, That song right there would almost bring a tear to my eye.


The song was hidden in certain parts of the game.

(i.e. on the side of a citadel in Halo 3, if you went to the top of that side and touched the wall, the song would play.)

Ahh, Myth: The Fallen Lords :')


As much as i'd wanna hear it, it wont happen.

Community doesnt always get what they want.

Trust me, it's a staple of Halo games.


But that staple, was added by Bungie.

It wont happen..