What I would bring back.

Let me preface this by saying that I have been a halo fan since it came out and when they announced Halo 4 I was as excited as a little kid on Christms morning, however there are some things I would change. I would bring back a lot like the halo 3 hog it had better handling and since 4 takes place in the future I doesn't make sense that it would handle worse. Then I would take away the ability of small arms fire to do so much damage to vehicles I know its a game but it is in no way realistic that bullets from rifles and light machine guns can blow up a vehicle. War vecihles are armor plated for a reason so that way you have to have a big gun like a turret, rocket launcher, sticky, etc. to destroy them. Next I would look at weapons possibly my biggest gripe is that the DMR is over powered and the Carbine is under powered. I would definitely bring back duel weilding along with the SMG, I find it highly unlikely that Master Chief forgot how to shoot two guns at once while in cryo sleep. I would also either take away the recovery time or shorten it for throwing a grenade while using a single handed weapon, there was a time when you could keep a plasma pistol charged while throwing a grenade. Next I would look at armor, most if not all the people I have played Halo with said they like the armor in Halo 3, and Reach better, to be specific helmets. There are few helmets in Halo 4 that measure up to helmets like the Odst, Rogue, Security, and Mark V and the ones that do have been around a while because of it. Last but most important and dear to the hearts of halo fans is the old maps. I would bring back favorites like Guardian, Standoff, Coagulation, Avalanche, and Blackout, those aren't the only maps I would bring back but they're a few. Other than that it would be sweet to see a Carbine/Light rifle SWAT variant in the playlist.


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Carbine is underpowered. lol.