What I want for GTA V (multiplayer wise)

First off, the only two game modes I really care about are Free Roam and Race, and I hope both are in GTA V. Here's a list of things I think should be changed and believe me it would be for the better.



-Better multiplayer user interface. I know they were trying to go with a 'no menu system' but I don't think having to access the multiplayer through the phone isn't very good. And individual multiplayer lobbies should be cleaned up a bit.

-No more of this group kicking system, the host of the game should have all the power. The fact that the host can be kicked from his own game is just ridiculous.

-When someone is talking, their name should pop up on screen (like every other multiplayer game) so we can see who is talking. It's pretty damn annoying when someone is blasting music into the mic and you have no idea who it is and you have to go into your phone, mute everyone one at a time to see who it is.

-Create some sort of credit system (or any system for that matter) that if you quit a game, you lose a credit. If you lose a certain amount of credits, you are not allowed to play online for a certain amount of time. You get credits back for playing each game all the way through.

-Better security. The fact that there are so many modders online is just unacceptable.

-Survival mode. Players start in the city with cpu pedestrians. A zombie outbreak then happens at a random spot in the city, the zombies attack you and cpu pedestrians. Cpu pedestrians turn into zombies when attacked. Survive as long as you can.



-Ability to take a car you customized in singleplayer (if that feature is available(which it should be since it was in San Andreas and it was fun)) and bring it into an online race.

-If you turn around and drive in the wrong direction, a timer should pop up counting down from 10 and if you do not turn around you are automatically teleported to your last checkpoint facing the correct direction.

-Lag. Fix it. If someone is lagging, it should effect them , not me. If someone who's lagging is driving next to me, and they even touch my car, my car freaks out and either spins out or flips.


Cops n' Crooks:

-I don't know how exactly yet, but this game mode can be so much better.


GTA Race:

-Now, in theory, this game mode is fun. In actuality, not so much. This game type needs some work.



I don't see why there are not real advertisements in the game. Now when I say advertisements, don't mean the out of place advertisements. Like if im in the middle of playing the game and all of the sudden an ad for pepsi pops up on the screen or something, no that's not what I mean that would just be retarded. I mean like real advertisements in appropriate places. Like a Taco Bell fast food place instead of Cluckin' Bell, or a Sprite billboard on the highway instead of a Sprunk one. Wouldn't companies pay Rockstar money so that they can be featured in the game? Does it not advertise their product by being in a very popular game? And imagine if every product in the game was a product in real life, imagine how much money rockstar would make. This could then even make the retail price of the game come down to $40 or even less. Along with advertisements, they should use real vehicles (Corvette instead of Coquette). This goes a long with the advertisement thing. 


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Hmm, I see this thread is not getting much attention; allow me to add to this thread. So you want real advertising? Do you also want real cars, real guns, real police forces, real city names? You do not have actual advertising because of the same reason as the others I've mentioned. It has something to do with the law and copyright. Rockstar would have to gain permission (and most likely the license) to have actual advertisments of actual brand names in the game. Another reason why they are not in is because the companies that [I'm] talking about would not want to see [their] restauarants and businesses exposed to any form of corruption, violence, or any form of exploding. Businesses wish to have their companies advertised in a "good light" and if they come across a game where that is out of question, they will most likely not sign up or give permission. Also, from a gamer's point of view, R* has become popular (and famous) for the GTA franchise BECAUSE they use fake names and parody off real-life counterparts. I know; I wish we could have licensed cars and such (like Driver: San Francisco) in the GTA series, but: 1) It would ruin the veteran fanbase because parodies and fake brands is one thing that made GTA G-T-A! 2) GTA is much more violent than other games, therefore companies usually think twice before allowing R* to use their brands. Bottom line, it's the companies' decision; not R*.

Now to add my own opinion. I would like R* to have another clothing mode (like Zombie and Naked) however, let us be able to expand our RP abilites as well as our wardrobe by giving us clothing that is similar to the NPCs, or just let us be able to play as NPC skins that resemble normal peds, fire, ems, and even police. There are tons of RP, Police, Fire and even EMS clans out there that would benefit greatly from this new option. Call it something like "SPECIAL" and make it easily accessible within the first few ranks (perhaps Level 5 if you want to be in between) BUT do NOT make it a Level 10 exclusive. It takes forever to rank up unless you boost HMN, DB, or BDBII. Please let me know what you think as I think this would be a great addition to GTA V. After all, who actually liked the clothing they gave us compared to other game modes (CnC, TW, HMN, DB, BDBII) and the Pc variants (which had a suit already!!!)?

@A1KillSauce,  So what if the host gets kicked?  Voting is fair.  Just don't be a jerk and you'll be fine.

Only a griefer would be against voting.

@DeltaJun, lol. You are correct!

Giving the host the power to stay in teh game and not get kicked? He/she will most likely take FULL adantage of that, making everyone else QUICKLY leave!