What I think would be neat

Is if sometime during the course of ME 3 we find some sort of reaper database that contains info on each and every single reaper, including info of what species each reaper was created from, when this reaper was built, how many members of that species was used to create that reaper, what it's reaper name is (such as Sovereigns's reaper name being Nazara) what that Reaper's role was (sovereign's role being to activate citadel relay and start invasion, harbinger's job was to oversee collectors as they built next generation of reapers) other reapers probably have their own roles as well.  Obviously this would have to happen pretty far into the game but I would love to see something like that.


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It's in the Codex. Along with every thing else you could possibly want to know. Including cookie recipes and the meaning of life. Just have to look for it :P

The dialog from the reapers is my favorite  

Reaper Name: Candy

Age: 10million years

Species made from: Crab People

Last Net access:

Search term:


/Vid: Geth or Reaper: Shepherd Conspiricy *100%*

/Vid: Secret Footage - Shepherd Showering on Normandy *100*

What can I say?  The reapers fascinate me

Prepare for our coming!

We are The Harbinger of your perfection...

So basically a Reaper stat machine?

Sure sounds cool, but as an easter egg probably. Trying not to think too hard about it, but why would the Reapers log that info in the first place? They are too arrogant for that, I think.

Reaper don't have names. At least they don't call themselves by name as so far as we've seen. Nazara was the name the Geth gave Sovereign. I don't have any idea where Shep learned Harbingers'. Maybe he saw it above his head?