What I really want from Halo 4

Big, open maps. And just better maps than Reach. I love BTB and Objective gametypes like CTF on big maps. And Halo 3 did that perfectly imo.


Maps like Sandtrap, Avalanche and Valhalla are great for this kind of stuff and really takes advantage of the vehicles without making you feel like you need a vehicle to get around. Overall, the maps in 3 are just plain better than Reachs maps. Hopefully we see a varied amount of maps this time round. Big, small and medium.



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fist bump me, sir.

Most importantly there needs to be no remakes since remakes are always bad compared to the original and no forge world maps.

I do agree that almost all the maps in Halo 3 were better than reach. Too many reach maps looked the same because they were built in Forge World.  I realize they were excited to use that world for custom maps, but I never expected them to use it so much in their own mp playlists.  It would be nice to see new unique maps in H4 and not count re-make maps as part of the "new" maps.   If we want to play on re-make maps, just give us a "custom" playlist or bring back the user made playlist.  I still cant believe that is gone. There were some really fun unique maps in that playlist.  Plus it was fun playing some of the H2 and H1 maps in there. Since I never played the H1 multiplayer.  (didnt get introduced to Halo until Halo 2)