What i have to do for CHEATERS?

I want to know what i have to do to contact moderators for some guys who cheat the game and after enforcement they still playing. 


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Just report them.  Sometimes cheaters get caught, sometimes not.  Just give them back feedback and hope you don't get put in another lobby with them.

Good morning,

Please, if a moderator is reading this message, answer me. I really need a promptly answer. I have been banned from a Classified of Halo Reach and I need help to return on the Leaderboard.

I will explain onestly all the history, I only need a good moderator.

TBH it is very difficult to keep cheaters off there are programs on modded consoles that get around the banning system and even if caught it is not difficult for someone on a modded console to trick the system and get back online I know as one of my friends does it regularly for the record i do not agree with it in anyway i fail to see the point in cheating in any game you are robbing yourself of fun as well as spoiling the fun of others