What, huh … Maven Black -Briar a real 'B' !

It is known that Maven Black-Briar is really in charge of the Riften Thieves guild. The Guild give backing to Maven, doing jobs, killing off her competition, and just doing her bedding when she says jump.


However, here is my question…..When you join the Thieves Guild, and if Maven Black-Briar is really in control over the Guild then why do we get arrested by all the guards…is really only a money shakedown by the guards then or does maven really have anything to do with you getting arrested; often times you haven’t done anything wrong just fast travel back into town, and off to jail we go…!! ??


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They do shakedowns in Riften. Remember the first time you got there and the guard wanted you to pay the tax to enter the city? If your turning up at Riften after a fast travel and the guards are attempting to arrest you, then you have done something wrong in Riften before.

Really? I thought she was just the thieves guild highest paying customer. I think she is suppose to be full of herself. When your the leader and listener of the Dark Brotherhood, she and some other guy both still threaten you with them.. Makes sense, since its your assassins guild and everyone fears and respects you.