What HDMI cable are you using?

Since, Microsoft was being cheap and only providing one HDMI cord. I think that many of our TV issues could be caused by a inferior HDMI cable. 

I just currently switched from a Amazon/Chinese no name HDMI cable. I used this same cable for my Xbox 360 and for my MAC to DVI to HDMI adapter to display on my TV. So, HDMI works perfectly fine. 

I was experience problems using my TV through the XB1 where my signal would be dropped. This happened 1 week after getting the XB1. Then, it would last less than 1 day with signal. I would constantly need to hard reset the system. 

Someone mentioned about the HDCP and handshaking with the systems. I had no clue about that stuff with HDMI. 

I googled "best HDMI cable" and got this site. http://hdmi-cables-review.toptenreviews.com/

Went to Amazon and found the Monster1000HD for $20 bucks. The wires I was using cost $10 bucks for a 3 pack of no names, which probably didn't have of the required HDCP features.

So, with this cable I'm able to keep my TV signal for 2 days straight now. I'm going to have to move my system closer to the connections as the HDMI cable is only 1 Meter. 

2 meter cost so much more. I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping this is the reason why.

I'm not a fan of Monster at all, but the website stated it has 17.8 Gbps bandwidth. And it has all the compliances (RoHS, HDCP, CL3)

Basically, everything HDMI can have its all checked off. 

Verizon QIP7100 STB HDMI > XB1 > TV & S Optical to AVR.

AVR is only hooked up to speakers and gets sound from xbox S-optical. Xbox1 HDMI to the TV's HDMI 2 port. My HDMI 1 port is the ARC.

Settings I have changed on the STB are just 1080i, Stereo Sound, SD Off and just normal/default for any visual enhancements.


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