What has happened to this game?

Hey guys,

I'm a huge fan of the gears of war franchise, and I've played every gears game to date, 

Ive played the game for a few days and I am enjoying the gameplay mechanics themselves, its a very polished game, but on the other hand, I have some big complaints, and the reason I am writting them on here is because I want to know what others think about the same subjects, I will bullet point them below.

  • Too many power weapons - I feel gears has got to the point where it is just rammed with power weapons, I remember the old gears of war was more about skill, even if the enemy had a boomshot or a longshot, if you used your default weapons well you could still come out on top. I understand power weapons should give an advantage and that's fine, but I feel that this game litteraly is just throwing them out to people, nobody dares to take cover and think about how they are going to play with tactics because they are forced to constantly rush around due to constant threats from power-weapons, the game feels like a mad rush fest, what made this game stand out was that you had a cover system and it brought a fresh style of game play to the table.
  • Paying for gamemodes/skins? - Right, the game has just been released, and as far as I know, without buying a VIP pass or whatnot, I cant even play EXECUTION..yes. execution, a core game mode for gears of war, I paid £35 for this game, why do I have to pay for more maps and more game modes when the game has just been released? fair enough 1 or 2 months down the line, but a new  tiny campaign, 4 game maps, and hardly any Skins or any new characters is just pathetic and unjustifiable, i feel taken for a mug that I have spent £35 on this. 
  • Grenades - now everybody spawns with a frag grenade and can throw it with a click of a button, this is also just not helping the game at all, the fact you can't hold an area down for longer than 20 seconds without frags coming in left right and center is just annoying, and before people go on about it stopping campers, the entire point of gears of war is that you had a cover system that enabled you to take cover, and the enemy had to think and work to flush you out vice versa using smokes etc.
So it does not really take a genius to see whats happening here, they are trying to just milk the franchise and make it appeal to a wide audience by taking any sort of tactics or thought out of the gameplay, yet what they don't realize is gears of war is a cult game, I'm not saying don't evolve the game and change things, but at least keep the core mechanics in the game that made it a success in the first place, a tactical third person shooter that you had to use some thought in, I miss getting together with my friends, playing warzone or execution and using our mics to work out how we can defeat our opposing team, fighting for certain weapons on certain maps to get the upper hand etc, it just seems to have lost that and it feels like no matter how hard I try, the game is just a load of headless chickens running around throwing grenades and grabbing power weapons to try get as many kills as they can. 

Just my thoughts and opinion, I'm happy for you if your enjoying the game, but I cant help but feel let down even though I really tried to like this game, GoW just seems to be getting worse and worse with every title, I will be returning my game this week as I don't feel I got my moneys worth what so ever, and I am in no way paying an extra £10-20 so that I can play gamemodes/maps I should be entitled to anyway. 


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Execution/Haven has nothing to do with the VIP Pass.m  It's free for everyone.

I learned about the grenade thing recently, my final nail in the coffin for any hopes for this title. Grenades are very powerful in Gears hence why they were pick ups, the fact everyone can spawn with them now leads to constant grenade fests that rival Halo in terms of nade spam now. Where is the point in taking cover now when you'll have two nades lobbed at you once you do so?

figured the crying would have stopped by now, guess people are still buying this game without reading the reviews and what is and isnt in the game?

I love how you anyone who has purchased this game clearly did no research on it if they dislike something about it. You are coming off as Epic employee at this rate.

Research is about the worst thing you can do when it comes to buying games.

Because it means you get hyped up.  And when you get hyped up and a game doesn't meet your lofty expectations...well you just wasted your money.  Developers have to have a PhD in Spouting Bullsh*t before they get a job in the game industry. 

I decided on a whim to get Gears J.  Didn't follow the development, and I don't read reviews.  I hadn't played a game properly for months.  My expectations therefore were not high.  I just needed something to play.

As a result I quite like Gears J.  I didn't buy the game becaus it had "Gears of War" on the case like so many people have done.  If Viva Pinata had come out on the 22nd, I;d have bought that.

I wonder if the people who researched and followed the game and read reviews decided to buy the game anyway because "It's Gears of War and it can't really be worth the 6.5 rating it was given, can it?  The reviewer must be a COD player.  What a noob lololol"



"Oh wait, this game sucks.  I will complain about it and cry about the changes i knew would be in the game because the reviewer said they would be there"

changes, this is what happened....well at least on the Multiplayer part, and this is all thanks to Epic games....and yes Epic games were involved with the Multiplayer aspect of Gears Judgment and People Can Fly were involved with the Campain...........so OP you can send EPIC games an email / mail on how happily satisfied you are with the multiplayer aspect, as i assume you are making discussion of the multiplayer aspect of Gears Judgment.......Cheer "E" ooh.

I actually think the OP has some good points though. I bought this game because I had bought, played and loved all the others (even though I'm dreadful online). I'd read the reviews. Some of the changes I like and some I don't. But overall the game's awesome. I DO agree with all this extra milking of money off of us buyers though. BUT it's happening with every game you buy now. Look at Battlefield 3. I've got almost 20Gb of extra *** on my console!  Problem is, of you don't get it, you can't play most of the game :( Sucks.

[quote user="xEnvoy of Chaos"]

I love how you anyone who has purchased this game clearly did no research on it if they dislike something about it. You are coming off as Epic employee at this rate.



I am sorry that most complaints are about things people should have already known about months before release. You cant be mad about the lack of things a game has if you knew it didnt have it to begin with.

Example, Game Modes cut, no locusts, no DBNO in most game modes, few maps on release, paying for skins, no more grenade tagging walls, new weapons, etc. These things were already known way before release.

Some changes were good some bad Locust play missing is disaster but with luck they can fix that id be happy to pay extra for that if its not broke why fix comes to mind "was worth the money just for story mode"

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