What happens if you prestige last squad member before others?

I have been looking around trying to see if I could find any info on this but can't. If you were to prestige the last squad member before the others, would you become tenth or would you still show up as the next prestige you should be? Is each squad member a dedicated prestige or did they make it where no matter what you will reach the next prestige you are supposed to be?


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You get arrested.

You'll be first prestige in jail.

But I'm already 2nd prestige. So will I be 2nd prestige in jail? Also will I get to pass go and collect my 200$?

How hard is it for people to understand it doesn't matter which order you go in? Why in the world would they make a game where you could go from 1st to 10th just by prestiging one character... common sense guys.

I would be amazed at the amount of point hoarding you done

Why this question even had to be asked I don't want to know.

  Well I'm going to sound stupid then

  Early on the question was asked why the last character was so many squad points. The answer was given that the last character was 10th prestige. Well ..... Its easy enough t earn enough points to buy him without ever prestiging or at least only once,. So what happens to the rest of the prestiges?

The last character isn't 10th prestige... they just assume people will use the characters in order, thus the incremental increase in price. As you get higher in prestige you'll have enough squad points to unlock all the characters. I hoard my points a lot and have all characters bought at 5th prestige. Each character is their own prestige but you still have to go in numerical order.