What happens if you kill Joshua when you first meet him?

In Honest Hearts,what if you killed Joshua?There's no mention of what happens if you do so I'm wondering will it mess up the main quest(I've beat it so I'm spoiler free)?


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Yes, you fail all of the quests and everyone will be hostile towards you, Ive heard of it but never tried it myself.

The DLC ends

Wow.That sounds awfully bad..

Well, basically all quests fail, then you have to venture into the Sorrow's camp, where you search for a map hidded in a clay pot, close to one of the caves (basically where you find Daniel.)



I decided to pop Joshua in the head just for that sole reason to see what happens, he said as I pointed my sniper rifle from where I thought I was hidden: "if you take that shot, make sure you make it count."

All missions fail and you get a new mission to get out of there.

Called "Something chaos"

I accidentally triggered it when I convinced the white leg leader to leave then shot him in the back with my AMR.

He dies... obviously.

I meant storywise but w/e I already learned what happens thanks to the actual contributors.