What happened?

Yesterday I started a thread throwing about the idea of a Halo TV series rather than a Movie, and today it is gone? What happened while I wasn't working? Did it degenerate into a flame war? Was it deleted? Moved? Any one know?


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A lot of threads here disappear without knowledge of where they go. Did you check the Halo forums?

The best way to ask would be to PM a moderator (the little envelope icon under a post) and ask them.


These threads asking why a thread was deleted almost always end up deleted themselves, leaving you even more in the dark.

Crazy MvM tried to make love to it so it was deleted

I have no information on what may have happened to that thread, however you may be able to find it without needing a moderator. In fact, unless you find the moderator who moved/deleted the thread, it can be difficult for us to know exactly what happened.


In the upper-right of the screen is a "Search Forums" box. You can type any text into that box - the words "Halo movie" for example - to find any forum posts containing that text. Searching for "halo movie" returns only three results:


This thread, in General Game Discussion, from May

This thread, in Xbox Live Wishlist/Feedback (?), from July

This thread, in Halo: CE Anniversary, from October/November


Perhaps "halo movie" didn't appear in the thread you're looking for, so you should search on whatever you remember.


In general, game-specific threads will be removed from the General Discussion forums, if a game-specific forum is available. A thread about a TV show or movie might or might not end up getting moved into a Halo-specific forum. Obviously if a thread breaks down into a ruckus or worse - a hullabaloo - we may just lock it or delete it. We generally won't comment on why threads get deleted because, frankly, there are too many of us and too many deleted threads to be tracking them down after the fact.


Sorry I couldn't be more help.

It's all good I am thinking Law's reason is the most likely reason it got deleted.