What happened with the connection?

I am currently in a Team Slayer Match. I am on the blue team. When the game started, we were doing good. Then, all of a sudden, I keep losing connection and reconnecting to the game. Before I know it, everybody on my team is gone! Everybody on the red team is still there. There is no way this was an accident!

What happened to my team? Is it possible for the opposite team to vote to kick out everybody on my team so I'm the only one left so they can take advantage of me?


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Here are the end game results. Just go over to the Carnage tab. http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/GameStats.aspx?gameid=618798124&player=Jack%20Bauer%20XDG

If you want more details I can tell you that there was one person stationed on each of the two towers. The other two enemies were running around searching for me in case I didn't show up in the other two player's sights. The two idiots on each tower would snipe me immediately every time I respawned. The other two guys would be the ones searching for me.


This behavior should be enough evidence to prove it was no accident.

It was more than likely to be an accident.

Firstly, their behaviour means nothing, it was Pinnacle and Blue team is very likely to be spawntrapped and dominated. If you're the only person to shoot, you are going to get destroyed by two Snipers, obviously. Don't blame their behaviour, there was nothing wrong with it.

It *is* possible --but very unlikely-- that they kicked the rest of your team out by  cheating, and while this is more likely in this situation than another, it's still incredibly unlikely. All-in-all, take it as a fair loss and carry on playing. Everything was against you in that situation,

Okay, thank you for responding ChainSmokingBob. I just thought it was odd. I guess there was nothing to be suspicious of.

Yeah must likely when your screen go's to a loading screen. In a Match. Someone is quitting. Do you know/remember if those Snipers started Sniping before your team Quit?


Okay, here's what you got...you + a new guy + a halfway decent player (with a guest).

Socre & spread --

KillaFrillaCam -- 5 kills (8 deaths)

KillaFrilla (GUEST) -- 2 kills (5 deaths)

Alchemist1135 -- 2 kills (6 deaths)

JackBauerXDG -- 5 Kills (31 deaths)

Here's my explanation:

The Red Team had one, possibly 2, snipers.

The original KillaFrilla started off doing decently...but got frustrated with getting picked off .  When he quits, the guest goes with him.  Since his guest only had 4 kills and he only had 2...I'm guessing they  are the ones who ditched out early.

Alchemist MAY have been in a party with with them...and since he only had 2 kills and could barely stay alive long enough to fart...I suspect he either quit with them or he recognized that they were leaving and he didn't want to stick around for any further embarassment.

My guess would also be that either you didn't get Rockets (which you should have) or if you did, those snipers picked you off really quickly.  If you're on the Blue side..and you're going after Rockets...go with the JetPack to start.  The JetPack option will allow you the option to take the portal, the launch/lift, or simply to jetpack back up to that pathway where you started from.  Without a Jetpack you're options are only the Portal or the Lift.  And if you're team is as weak as it was (note the guest & Alchemist)...I'd put my salary on you guys having lost that Rocket Launcher well before you got to expend all 4 Rockets.   Now you're down 2 snipers AND Rockets.  Sadly, with the quality of their snipers (Aeneas...13 headshots, and Anti Ghandi...5 headshots) you were way overmatched.  Those two opponents only had 4 deaths between them...which would indicate that they're sitting up in the tower and just picking you guys off before any of you are getting anywhere near them.  

There was no accident here...your teammates quit on you.  

I differ a little bit with ChainSmokingBob from the standpoint that I like Blue side better than Red and I don't think Blue gets Spawncamped any more than anything else...but obviously that all depends on how good their snipers are.  

Spawn campers should be shot. I wish I could say how I really feel about them.