What happened to Boo, The Cosmic Space Hamster ?

Has anybody seen him/her ? i miss the little guy/girl.


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I hope I can find my miniature giant space hamster as well.

I could tell you, but isn't that spoilerific?...:-)

He's pretty much asking for the info Arkham99 I also know where he is but since you got there first you can tell him.

Go down to Jack's old quarters and you'll see him running around, press the "A" button when he's highlighted and you'll see him back up in your cabin afterwards...:-)

nooooooooooo!!!!!! you just ruined the fun of figureing it out!!!!!

Great, my gaming experience is ruined!

I thought it was a bug and I spent ages trying to kill it.


Then I was relieved that it was just my old hamster.

I preffer my fishies to the hamster. Oh, and my robot dog who seems to wonder aimlessly.