What happened to all the promised destruction?

I have been watching a lot of bf3 multiplayer being played live over streams (PC), anyway i don`t see much destruction, not over previous games anyway.

I have seen people take cover behind objects that should easily get destroyed by tanks, but the tanks have no effect!

I understand you have to keep a certain amount of scenery but we were all promised mass destruction from the frostbite 2.0 engine.

your thoughts.


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I was thinking the same thing. I think we were lied to... ugh... the games cool and all, but bfbc2 had fully destructible environments, which is what made me want to get this game. Now easy cover can't even be chipped away by bullets. I hope they address this or implement it in a title update.

The gaming industry right now is brainwashed into buying anything with mass marketing, and what can we do once we have already made the purchase?  I no longer invest too much excitement into games anymore, and since I have had a much better experience with games lately.


What is really interesting to me at least is how games last generation were cheaper, included loads of content and if it had any kind of add ons, they were free, were much better games.  Only thing I can think of as to why is perhaps companies work harder when they only have a certain % of the market and as they increase this % the quality and hard work goes the opposite.  (I have no facts on this, it's just my thoughts).

I was wondering about this too, I expected a lot more damage to walls of buildings. I'm not seeing it.

Yeah, it's a HUUUUUGE stepdown from Bad Company 2.  I can't believe the laziness to be honest.  I miss whipping out a grenade launcher, punching a hole through a building to make my own entry and flanking from any angle I wanted.  

Oh yeah, and the servers blow.  

Yeah this is nowhere near what Battlefield 2 had. I remember after some of the matches in Battlefield 2 the map would look like a wasteland this one its almost all intact.

Destruction is scaled waaay back. TBH, BF3 is a step backwards in everyway compared to BC2.

The game engine is still capable of having 100% destruction, but apparently when they tested it out for multiplayer the maps just ended up being very flat with dead trees, building rubble, etc. by the end of each match. They decided to have some indestructible objects/buildings to maintain some level of variation and cover in the gameplay. Honestly I'm not too bothered by it because the majority of FPS games don't even offer any destruction at all.

I'm not even going to mention Bad Company 2's level of destruction because honestly I felt like its environments were packed with cookie cutter design buildings/crates/trailers/fences/etc. Don't get me wrong it was still a fun game, but man everything just felt so dull, lifeless, sterile, and empty compared to what BF3's environments offer now.

yeah i understand what your saying but it still feels very minable, ie look at the map at the end looks in tact pretty much.

I've had no trouble blowing walls and all that down..but as far flattening buildings...none of that. I kind of like it this way, I hated how teams would win by simply leveling everything with a tank and mortars from a mile away.

But it's ridiculous when stuff like THIS happens.

I don't know if this was a glitch or he ran into one of these building that's invincible.  Either way, dumb. But also hilarious.

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