What happened to all the coop modes?

First let me say I am loving the coop campaign and the challenging challenges. But when our group is done with those then all we have is guarilla mode to coop it up. Unlike a lot of people I and my friends prefer coop modes to mp, although we do enjoy mp. I just wonder why GRAW 1 and 2 had a ton of coop modes out of the box and then a ton added that were a good time but then they decide to ditch coop with GRFS? I really hope they support more modes through DLC but bummed that its not offered more than 2 modes out of box. Anyone else feel the same?


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All I want would be matchmaking for co-op.

Bro, i feel your pain.  i feel this is a huge mistake along with the limited 4 player Co-op Campaign.  I don't know why they decided to do that because this is what kills good games like RBSV, Gears, etc.  Developers seem to be focusing more on MP these days and the only mode i would play in MP would be Siege.  If they at lease bring back "Exfiltration mode" and open up the player count to 8 it would save this title in the long run.  Otherwise i don't see this really having the long life that GRAW2 had, because like you said once the Co-op missions are completed and you run them to death, what else do you really have to look forward to in GR:FS?