what games have the easiest and hardest 1000/1000 gamerscore.

i have recently completed a few games to 100%,with all achievements but to be honest mostly very easy games,the lego series mostly.but today i played terminator salvation(i know im a little behind,it was cheap) and completed it on hard mode in less than 3 hours gaining 1000gs and 100% and it was way to easy and i am far from an expert.then you look at games that have dozens of achievements that never in a million years could i get. im sure theres a middle ground in a lot of games,but to all you experienced gamers out there,whats the games with the easiest and hardest achievements that you have come across,is there one achievement out there in any game that noone has ,thats just immpossible to get?

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Avatar: TLA will forever be the easiest 1000g to exist.

Not sure about the hardest game. I never really aim to get them all when playing, so I have never noticed. I heard Ninja Gaiden II is pretty tough when trying to grab the full 1000g though.

i have heard it takes about 5 minutes to get all the achievements in avatar,thats just  daft.

hannah montana is easy, need for speed most wanted is easy, god father 2 is easy, sports games are usually easy, mafia 2 is easy to get the full 1000 or 1500. cod 2 is pretty challenging to get 1000. forza 3 is easy as well.

Try Tony Hawk Project 8 if you're looking for a challenge !!

King Kong took me about 4 hours and I had 1000.  I think the hardest ones for 1000 are the ones with the multiplayer achievements since I hardly play any game multiplayer.

Forza 3 is easy it just takes time to do all the races.

The hardest 1,250/1,250 for me was Ninja Gaiden 2. The most time consuming 1,000/1,000 for me was Rumble Roses XX (It took me over a year to complete it).

Avatar and the 2k6 sports games are very easy to 1000/1000.

Lost Planet 2, on the other hand, may be impossible to 1000/1000 now. They have an achievement that requires you to be #1 worldwide in an online MP leaderboard and I think it's all modded to hell now.

Assassin's Creed II is quite easy to 1000/1000 to be honest, and it's a very good game.

As most have said before me, Avatar TLA is very easy, and takes five minutes to get all achievements in.

Most children/family-focused games seem to have pretty easy achievements.  Assassin's Creed 1 & 2 were pretty easy, as was already stated.

I think the hardest would be anything with multiplayer achievements, because you're relying on other people to earn it.  That and Ninja Gaiden II.

Anything from the first year Xbox360 came out. Any Madden and pretty much any sports game.

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