What game will you be playing?

This game is dying down fast, so what I want to know is, when will it die down completely, for sure I will stop playing when watchdogs comes out. what games will you be playing other than gta mods?


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Nothing good comes out till next year what I want so i'm in no rush.  I want "The Crew"  "Tom Clancy The Division" and "Watch Dogs".  Also the way most games are broken on first day of release, might not even get these first day.  Then 2015 for "H-Hour Worlds Elite".  Which is from creative director David Sears from Socom Navy Seals 1 and 2.

Yeah the division is the only game I'm truly excited for and  I don't believe gta is dying down at all.  

GTA5 kinda losing its loving feeling with not much new things to do mission wise.  Yeah was cool to have tdm and race creator.  But that was to little to late.  Heist are a ways away yet.  But with modders with billion dollar bounties most rather just go solo in private servers.