What frontlines fuel of war got right!

If anyones remembers the release of frontlines, you will remember that it was only supposed to be 32 player capped. The day the game was released they were running servers for upto 50 players!! I'm not being funny I believe frontlines graphics were on the same level as bf3 so why is this game capped to 24? If that game could run at 50 on dedicated servers then this game should be able run with at least 32-40! I am sick of avoiding caspian border for its size as Its a scramble to get a kill! The maps are to huge and underpopulated I just hope they will up the cap it would be awesome!!! 


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um... 50 player servers took many months too come around, the game was dead by that point.

if you think the graphics were the same shoot yourself seriously? FFOW had some of the worst graphics this gen

the game was amazing, its the closest thing to BF2MC that you can get on 360 but the graphics sucked, the game balance was terrible and it only had 32 player servers, ( which is where ithink BF3 should be at )

I dont remember waiting months for the 50 player servers, I got the game on release when the servers took weeks to eventually come around and work. But yea the game did die quickly but my point is we need bigger servers the lack of players is going to kill this game fast people will just end up going back to bad company. Yea modern combat was great was my first multiplayer game on xbox lol the sight of a humvee flying over my head made me go from a 48 hr trial to a fully paying customer to xbox live. I don't think they will change the cap they don't care now they have pushed it out.

Lack of players will ruin this game? lol.

the game released in February

the title update to support more players was in like june/july

the game died the second the BC1 demo came out.

BF2MC is still the best BF ever. with all its bugs if i could i would hook up the original xbox and play.

I liked FOF still have the game, but the grfx were not as good as BF3. but the larger servers were nice.

There are a lot of threads regarding this issue. The 360 just cant handle it... The more people the less vehicles , destruction and graphics. DICE have said that they could raise the number of players but everything else would suffer in the game.

24 is tried and tested.  

24 players is fine for all the maps i think.