What exactly is Rage's multiplayer/Co-Op?

I heard it was just the vehicles and that, for the most part, you're alone. Is that really it? Co-Op and multiplayer are vehicle based only?


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The multiplayer is im sure just racing, The co-op bit is called 'Legends of the Wasteland' while your playing the main game your hear through newspapers, radio etc about these legends and there missions, and these are the missions you do with a friend. Think theres 8 all together.

If the cars are for MP and co-op only, that'll suck.

The actual player vs player multiplayer is just cars (i think) but the Legends of the Wasteland missions, are running round complete x/y/z type missions

Multiplayer is ONLY CAR RACES. You tube the only review thats there.

[quote user="ChickinOnaChain"]If the cars are for MP and co-op only, that'll suck.

[/quote]Cars are in single player as well.  

Only MP Is the races with cars.. No Co/op per-say a few co op missions like two worlds co op .. still cool but for ID and the creator of the FPS sad to see no dm or team dm or shooting game types ... sad but we shall see id tech 5 will be the unreal 4 killer like before when doom and quake engines id 3 and id 4 ruked the game world which is great and finally no more unreal look alike games