What Exactly Counts as XP for a Weapon?

What is the criteria for weapon XP? Is it just kills or do headshots, offensive, defensive, avenge, revenge, etc count as well? Do challenges for the weapon count towards the weapon's rank progress? What about general weapon challenges; ie "get 25 headshots w/ SMGs" or proficiency challenges?


The reason I ask is because I use a lot of different weapons (I have 11 different primaries on my 10 classes & I use all my classes) so it takes me awhile to get them ranked up to the high 20s & I just got my 1st gun to level 30 and it says I need 89,800 XP to get to level 31 -- that seems like quite a lot.


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Kills will do the normal amount of XP, headshots will add extra, other things such as buzzkill, rescuer, etc., don't count towards it. Any challenge pertaining to the specific weapon (Marksman, expert, attachment challenges, veteren, master) that is completed will add to the weapon XP.

^ What he said and you can also get weapon xp by shooting down air support. I am trying to get my G36 to level 31 and it is taking forever and I use it every single game.

gun levels 30-31 take time

have managed 2 so far 

first gold guns in any cod lol


I would think using the weapons with EVERY attachments would give the XP in loads, but I hardly use anything besides a red dot, ext mags, or a silencer. And rapid fire of course.

Just to be clear you don't need to get for example 40 kills with the under barrel shotgun in order to get to level 31? It just takes a long time.

^^True dat, but the underbarrel shotties probably have some XP things in there that you wouldnt get otherwise.